Downtown Rhythm

By: wallflowereyes

Apr 01 2013

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Category: Art, Graffiti, Life, Photography

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Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:1/20 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II

I’ve been to my fair share of downtown areas in different cities and states.  Looking through photo after photo I realize how drawn I am to downtown areas.  It got me questioning why these streets seem to speak, breathing life as if it’s an entity of its own. Maybe it’s the old buildings that seem to be screaming out their history through the chipped paint and creaking wood panels.  Maybe it’s the combining factors of the new tall rise buildings mixed in with the urban feel of the tiny shop on the corner that’s been there for years. Or maybe it’s just the street it’s self with the old sign that says 5th street, which is being quickly passed by a student on a bike rushing to their class.  Then I reached this photograph.  A small moment of a someone waiting for the light rail at night.  A simple and tiny moment.  That’s when I realized what makes a downtown area so special.  It’s the people.  People’s interaction’s make it quiet, rushed, jubilant, run down, busy, peaceful, and yes even alive.  The streets breathe the rhythm of people’s hearts and when you’re absorbed in it, it’s a beautiful thing.


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